Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Day 13

Discovery day: A student has infused himself with AÇAI THE SUPER ANTIOXIDANT BERRY, thus taking on the persona Super Antioxidant Berry Boy. Discussions will commence as to either allow him into our organization of evil villains or determine if Berry Boy poses a threat to our plans of world domination.

We were reprimanded by Se
ñora Peabody-Jackson after being caught analyzing the wavelengths of the fundamental incubation rates of the cofan wood lizard native the the Amazonian portions of America del Sur while the class was conjugating measly little verbs. We are miles above these Neanderthals. Conjugating complex Spanish verbs is such child's play. New phrase: Child splay: the splaying of children.

Tune in next time for the results on the decimation of Krishnapur. Long drive. So worth it.