Monday, October 6, 2008

Hill Appreciation Week: October 12-18

After the raging success of last years hill appreciation week, we have decided to continue the tradition in an effort to gain a larger following(more than the two of us). We kick off the week with a large barbecue taking place on, you guessed it, a hill. Throughout the week, we will be holding assorted hill themed events such as the hill ice sculpture contest, the hill shaped foods eating contest, and a just-for-hills fashion show. To wrap up the festivities, there will be a benefit concert featuring a band made up of actual hills! Please, please, be kind to the hills.

*No hills were harmed in the making of this holiday.*


vespertilian.ziconium said...

must say, quite excited indeed.

margot the magnificent said...

I love hills. Things would be so flat without them.

vespertilian.ziconium said...

OMG guys, Hill Appreciation Week is like, this week!!